Vincent Kompany – “City’s spending was necessary”


Vincent Kompany says Manchester City’s spending was necessary to catch rivals.

“Any investment by City recently has been to overtake other clubs’ 20-year advantage.”

Vincent Kompany has rejected claims that Manchester City have enjoyed an unfair advantage over the last decade thanks to their Abu Dhabi owner.

The 32-year-old arrived at City in August 2008, a week before Sheikh Mansour bought the club.

Ten years on, and billions of pounds of investment later, the club Kompany joined has been completely transformed.

The scale plus speed of the transformation has prompted criticism from “jealous” rivals and also the attracted attention of UEFA’s Financial Fair Play investigators.

In 2014 the club faced a fine of 60 million euros for breaching spending limits.

Kompany, however, does not accept the idea that City’s spending in the transfer market has damaged the wider game.

”The alternative is you go to Germany and you have Bayern Munich who obliterate the league every year because they’ve got 11 million fans.”

”What’s fair about status quo? Should City be in the third division and say ‘we’ve got awesome fans but we’re not allowed to have success’?”

Kompany has won seven domestic trophies since the transformation, however, the Champions League is the trophy that evades him.

”It’s simple to explain: the one thing you haven’t had, is the thing you want the most,” Kompany admitted.

“The Premier League is still a massive achievement, however, your mind says what you haven’t achieved is the thing you want most.”

Could the 2018/19 season be the year that Kompany gets his hands on the Champions League trophy?

Or will the owners have to pump even more money into the club in order to win the silverware?

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