Inter Miami could land one of the world’s best footballers once David Beckham’s new franchise are up and running.

The England legend will certainly have a number of contacts in his phonebook that could help to make his side really attractive. He may have just been handed the chance to sign one of the best.

Antoine Griezmann has revealed that he would move to the Miami outfit if Becks were to give him a call and ask him.

The France international has stated that he would be willing to move to the MLS when his career starts to wind down. He did, however, also suggest that he would have other destinations to consider, with Florida not the only place to appeal to him.


The west coast also seems to appeal to Griezmann, with Los Angeles in California grabbing his attention, with LA Galaxy a former club of Beckham’s, whilst they have also had the likes of Robbie Keane, Ashley Cole and Zlatan Ibrahimovic on their books.

“If Beckham wants me in his club, then I’ll go,” the 27-year-old told L’Equipe. “I want to finish my career in the US. I don’t know yet if it’s going to be in Miami or Los Angeles.

“They are two great cities. I like the mentality and the show culture of the US.”

Griezmann has already had a largely successful career, despite just coming to an age where players generally start to peak.

The Frenchman lifted the World Cup this summer after France defeated Croatia in the final, whilst at club level, he has lifted the Europa League and the Spanish Super Cup.

However, the Champions League and La Liga still leave a hole in his Atletico Madrid CV and he will surely be looking to fill those gaps in before possibly heading to America.

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