The World Cup 2018, in my opinion, was a missed opportunity for this country.

However, there are promising signs ahead for the English national team. With our current crop of players, there is plenty for the whole country to get excited about.

But, unfortunately for this round of fixtures, one of England’s brightest prospects, Dele Alli, will not be playing. This is because he has been withdrawn from England’s second international vs Switzerland.

There’s no doubt, though, that it’s a fake injury. Spurs just want to make sure that their midfielder is fit enough to face Liverpool on Saturday.

The North London club have deliberately withdrawn the former MK Dons midfielder to benefit them – and their actions should result in a hefty fine.

Dele Alli – Skiving off international duty?

If England harbour any dreams of improvement, what message does this send out?

Liverpool under Brendan Rodgers were the master of this. Daniel Sturridge would always conveniently be unavailable for England matches, only return to the Liverpool first team as soon as the international break was over.

The work that Gareth Southgate has put into producing England’s DNA over the past few years is at risk of going to waste. Everyone needs to be on the same wavelength.

The FA need to act now if England are to increase their chances of winning a major tournament.

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