Why Manchester City Will Retain The Title

A recent documentary has been released regarding the 2017-2018 season for Manchester City – ‘All or Nothing’. This not only sums up why Pep Guardiola is a fantastic coach, but also an adaptable one.

One moment which impressed me was Leicester City away. City won the match 2-0, but at half time, the Spaniard had a quick word with Kevin De Bruyne. He basically informed him if he took up positions in a certain area of the pitch, he would score. That’s exactly what happened, just moments after half time.

The champions managed a league and Carabaro Cup double in 2017-18 and also obtained 100 points. Having said that, £50m was spent on Kyle Walker so obviously something crazy was going to happen.

Liverpool have a great squad this season, the best they’ve had in a while, but their inexperience will cost them in the end. The Merseyside club dropped far too many points last season and finished 25 points off City. It will take them at least another season to be in real contention.

If The Reds fail to win a trophy this season, huge pressure will be on Klopp as whether he is the right man to take them forward.

I still expect Man City to finish 8 to 10 points clear of Liverpool, but the gap is closing gradually.


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