FPL: Getting ahead of the Casuals Part 1 – Where do I start?


In the first of a multiple part series, we give all the top tips for getting ahead of the casual FPL players, friend or foe.

There is no better feeling than walking into work on Monday morning , sitting down with your coffee, looking over at your colleagues and giving them that smirk.

You know the smirk. The ‘I have just given you guys the most glorious kicking this weekend in our mini league’ smirk. They hang their heads in shame, their defeated faces filling your heart with warmth. It’s as if Pep Guardiola poured that very coffee for you himself.

How could Kev think of benching Mitrovic? Where is Adam’s Liverpool defender? And why the hell does Amy still have Son on her team? You take a sip of your Peppuchino. Mmm Delicious.

What’s Your Advantage?

The answer, however, is simple.

They aren’t you! They haven’t spent hours reading the countless online forums for differential picks. They haven’t commented on the RMT thread on the FPL Subreddit for feedback. They don’t use an app, even though there are many. On these apps, you can see years’ worth of past fixtures for every team to determine their potential line-up, injury replacement players and fixtures ahead.

They don’t use the FPL statistics page to watch for value changes. They don’t check trackers online that determine future value changes. They haven’t even determined the best strategy based on their team for when to use their chips, and in what order.

They are not you.

You’ve ascended into something more. Something unrecognisable. Something unstoppable. You are a point scoring machine. Get wrecked, Kevin! But just in case you’re actually not a point scoring machine, and instead more of a casual player reading this to up your game, I’ll take you through the above one by one. After this, you too can give your mates that oh so satisfying smirk we all look forward to.

Finding Information Online

First and foremost, you need to subscribe to the FPL subreddit. Going through the posts there as often as you can will give allow you to start assembling your own FPL library of sorts. If not from reddit directly, then certainly from links posted there that lead to other forums such as FFScout, FFGeek. Furthermore, even some celeb players’ twitter may be useful, if you like the cut of their jib (Hi James!).

Podcasts, statistics, player discussions, value rise/fall, captain picks, everything is posted there. Now I would be surprised if you were reading this and yet had not already subscribed. I do want to emphasise, however, the importance of using the subreddit as a hub, and not a be all end all. Use those links! The second thing you need to do is join in! I’ve given and received a lot of good advice that has paid off and it’s always good to get different opinions when weighing up a decision.

Obviously doing your own research comes into play here, and everyone should take everything on Reddit with a pinch of salt but it is a great tool and I would whole-heartedly recommend.

Fixture Research

Although the FPL app shows the fixtures of this year, and you could just google past fixtures, nothing beats a familiar app you can use to snap to any past game for any team. I use Forza, which I think was the first one I downloaded. It shows past games, formations, goal scored, subs and times subbed. It’s helpful in finding out who regularly plays for teams I’m not familiar with. In addition, I can find out who is injured in the team, who replaces them, etc.

Everything adds up when you’re looking to bring in a player. Things like finding out how often they play, and who is on the bench looking to steal their starting XI place! There are loads more uses but you get the idea. Knowing what fixtures each player has, and how likely they are to get minutes gives you a huge advantage. Those casuals that pick players just because they got points last week will trail in your majestic wake.

Getting a player that has looked good, is getting minutes and is about to have a great run of fixtures is a brilliant way to get in on the ground floor with differential picks.

Continued in Part 2…


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