Andreas Pereira’s time to shine at Man United?


Andreas Pereira impressed many Man United fans during his full Premier League debut against Leicester. Jose Mourinho looks set to feature him a lot more this season.

Pereira had a huge influence on the game against The Foxes last Friday. He produced the most recoveries, and also the highest amount of interceptions.

He is capable of playing in a defensive role and, under Mourinho’s guidance, he will only improve over time.

After being loaned out to Valencia last season, Pereira is now ready for the next step. He has spoken openly about the desire for “clarity” about his future.


Will Mourinho be willing to give the youngster a regular role in the first team?

Nemanja Matic will return soon, however, Pereira may have done enough in order to earn his managers trust.

It would not shock many fans if Pereira continues to perform due to the fact that Man United fans have been calling out for him to get some game time for many years now.

Sir Alex Ferguson was involved in the deal to bring the player to Old Trafford at the age of 15.

Ander Herrera once said that Pereira would become a “very important player for many years to come.” Could Herrera be right in saying this?

We have to take into consideration that he is still reasonably young at the age of 22. In a few years time, he could be a top player.

What we do know for sure is that the more game time and experience he gets the more benefit his career gets going forward.

Jose Mourinho did not get what he wanted during the summer transfer window, but perhaps he has found one of the players he needed after all.

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