Nearing Completion – Spurs – A New Hope

The Northumberland Development Project. A mixed-use development project replacing White Hart Lane as the new Heart of Spurs. (Photo by James Redman)

Spurs’ Homecoming Glory

As year’s of dedication are hoped to pay off and with the deadline rapidly approaching, the new Spurs home is almost set for the big day.

In a fresh, funky, and bold new environment, the development intends to improve the area and provide locals with opportunities. The best part is, it’s only a few months away from completion!  Currently the estimated completion date is for September, and Tottenham’s first game at their new stadium will be against Liverpool on September 15.

Major infrastructure investments including a variety of different services, several station improvements and an abundance of upgrades all designed to keep the Heart and lifeblood of the lane pumping. It means that getting to, from, and around this mighty development will be a quicker, convenient, and a more enjoyable match day experience for all.

World Class Venue

Spurs’ new ground will also become a dedicated home for the NFL within the UK. With a 10-year partnership deal, this development delivers a new and exciting sport for everyone in the UK to enjoy.

Resembling something of a colosseum, this stadium was drawn up from some of the best in the world, and the atmosphere has always been a core function to this recipe.  Simply put, its going to be world renown with it’s infectious buzz.

You see, it’s not just for the Spurs’ fan.  It’s inclusive of all, so please take care when visiting our home!

What will the catering be like in the new stadium? With every world class venue comes world class food, offering a wide selection of food areas for varying tastes.

From humble beginnings at the start of construction:

What’s in the monumental build? At least:
  • 72,000 Square metres of concrete
  • 729 Staircases
  • 1,101 Concrete columns
  • 12,000 Tins of paint
  • 62,000 Seats

Taking shape – onwards to completion day:

Daniel Levy, Chairman of Spurs says “It will be our new home for generations to come and we want it to be exceptional.”



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