Have you seen this man? Transfer happening!

Have you seen this man?

Mystery Man

As word on the street is out, the Internet has been set alight with recent transfer news. Although, as ever, It doesn’t come without its’ mystery!

Unfortunately, and as of yet there have been no official club statements released.

However on

e of the legends undoubtedly considered to be in the frame, has been leaking the exciting news for the whole world to see.

It’s a transfer that is so big it sent one guy on instagram into hysterics. Some say, there is still a 100 persons strong ‘commenting task group’ still trying to calm him down.


It is reported that a historic player has been in communication with regards to the transfer news, and claims it has everything to do with one of England’s current national faces.

Damning evidence proves that a transfer the likes the world has never seen before has already taken place. For the players and clubs involved it could almost seem a priceless move.


In a SportsGrape first, we bring you the stories that no one else can.

From high ranking officials & classified confidential information, what I am about to reveal to you is truly top secret.

From sources which cannot be revealed at this time, it is with the heaviest hesitation and yet also the greatest pleasure that I am able to unveil toF you the hottest face in football right now:

Cheer up son, it might never happen! 😉

Got to keep it fluid with a few fun articles every now and then!

The real report however, is that Brazilian legend Ronaldo saw this photoshop picture of Harry Kane’s face grafted on to his head, he commented on instagram “kanaldo” followed by 3 hysterics emojis’

It’s pretty cool if your Harry Kane right now.  With a Brazilian legend firing away in your corner who knows where you would end up in the near future!

At least real news is good for the Spurs fan, as boss Mauricio Pochettino and Captain Harry Kane have both agreed terms on new deals and a number of the club’s top players are hoped to follow suit shortly.


Sam Ward for SportsGrape.com


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